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Assessment and Enablement Services

Salesforce Protection

Data Privacy & Compliance

Multi-Cloud Networks & Applications

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Custom AI Chat Bots
AI Strategy, Architecture & Integration
ML / AI Engineering
AI Driven Training & Certification

Chief Channel Officer
Chief Customer Success Officer

Cybersecurity Services



  • Identity and permission sets

  • SHIELD, DLP, CASB data encryption

  • Monitoring , audit and business continuity

Data Privacy

& Compliance

  • Data in Transit, At Rest, In Use, In Motion

  • Industry regulations, Data Residency

  • Privacy, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Multi-Cloud Networks

& Applications

  • Multi-Segment solution architectures

  • Serverless, microservices enabled applications

  • Public, private, hybrid cloud environments



  • Cryptography assessments, RSA public/private key

  • NIST supported PQC algorithm testing & validation

  • PQC orchestration and automation

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The Emergence of an AI Enabled Future

AI Future is Now Image_edited.png

Artificial Intelligent Services

Custom AI

Chat Bot

AI Strategy

Architecture & Integration

ML / AI 


AI Driven

Training & Certification

  • Chat Bot development

  • Sales, Customer Support, HR, Training & Marketing

  • Rapid integration of LLMs per industry vertical

  • Design and implementations

  • Assess ROI and TCO on AI investments

  • Leverage existing assets on new projects

  • Expertise in leading Gen AI & ML libraries

  • Create REST endpoints to integrate models

  • Deploy models for business process support

  • Turnkey platform

  • Adaptive and personalized learning experiences

  • Faster time-to-market for enterprise content

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Virtual CxO Services

The introduction of AI enabled services, trained on datasets that require cybersecurity controls, requires leadership to adapt to the pace of technological change.  The implications are severe if the business strategy is not aligned with the implemented AI-Driven Cybersecurity solutions and services.  Data breaches, shadow AI services and the introduction of unnecessary risks can be mitigated by  utilizing our Virtual CxO service.  Whether you're augmenting current leadership or at the next stage of growth, we provide the following leadership roles along with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) focused on client success.

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