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Assessment and Enablement Services

AI Copilot Strategy

Enterprise Domain Specific Copilots

LLM Integration & Prompt Engineering

Reasoning Engine, LLM Chaining

AI Training & Certification


Multi-Cloud Assessment & Strategy

On-Premises or Cloud Native

Multi-Domain, Public/Private/Hybrid

Micro-segmented Applications

Edge, Endpoint, IoT, Wired, Wireless

Cybersecurity Assessment 

Post-Quantum Cryptography

AI TRiSM & Privacy

Multi-Cloud Unified Security

Salesforce Protection & SSPM

Data Assessment & Strategy

Lookup & Classification

Fourth-Party System Integration

Normalization & Enrichment

Renderings & Visualizations

Workflow Automation

Workflow Assessment & Strategy

Application Integration

Orchestration of Complex Processes

Patented Gamification

Visibility and Accountability

Virtual CxO Assessment
Chief Channel Officer
Chief Customer Success Officer

AI-Driven Data Transformation

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Data Services


Assessment & Strategy

  • Discovery and requirements gathering

  • Analysis of data workflows and workload processing

  • Implementation plan

Lookup &



System Integrations

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  • Data framework policy analysis

  • Connectors, queries and dynamic data retrieval

  • Classification into categories for storage & security

  • Assess 3rd to 4th party data workflows

  • Review data processing & security requirements

  • Business continuity & data storage 

Normalization &


  • Data source object mapping into a standard data model object

  • Enable consistent data structures across different datasets

  • Update processes to improve data quality, context and usefulness

Renderings &


  • Enable data output formats based upon communication channel requirements

  • Convey data relationships and insights easily understood by viewers

  • Enhance communication & decision-making

The Emergence of an AI Enabled Future

The Emergence of an AI Enabled Future

AI Copilot Services

Artificial Intelligence

Copilot Strategy

  • Determine the business use case priority

  • Requirements gathering, objectives & outcomes

  • Success criteria, measurement goals

Enterprise Domain

Specific Copilots

LLM Integration & 

Prompt Engineering

  • Sales, Customer Support, HR, Training & Marketing

  • Business system integrations, Conversational UI

  • Unified datasets utilizing Retrieval Augmented Generation

  • Custom AI Models fine-tuned to domain-specific data 

  • Create REST endpoints to integrate models

  • Refine user prompts based upon interactions

Artificial Intelligent Copilot Services

Reasoning Engine,

LLM Chaining

  • Enhanced decision making based upon data analysis

  • Predictions utilizing inference based contextual reasoning

  • Connect LLMs for task decomposition and connecting prompt operations

AI Driven

Training & Certification

  • Turnkey platform

  • Adaptive and personalized learning experiences

  • Faster time-to-market for enterprise content

 AI-Driven Cybersecurity to Prevent Shadow AI

AI-Driven Cybersecurity Future

Cybersecurity Services



  • Discovery and requirements gathering

  • Analysis of InfoSec cybersecurity policies

  • Implementation plan





Network & Application


AI-Driven Cybersecurity
  • AI Trust, Risk & Security Management

  • Privacy, Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Data in Transit, At Rest, In Use, In Motion

  • Cryptography assessments, RSA public/private key

  • NIST supported PQC algorithm testing & validation

  • PQC orchestration and automation

  • Protect multi-segment solution architectures

  • Zero-Trust enforcement using least privileges

  • Microservices and container security

Salesforce Protection &


  • Identity and permission sets

  • SHIELD, DLP, CASB data encryption

  • SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Virtual CxO Services

The introduction of AI enabled services, trained on datasets that require cybersecurity controls, requires leadership to adapt to the pace of technological change.  The implications are severe if the business strategy is not aligned with the implemented AI-Driven Cybersecurity solutions and services.  Data breaches, shadow AI services and the introduction of unnecessary risks can be mitigated by  utilizing our Virtual CxO service.  Whether you're augmenting current leadership or at the next stage of growth, we provide the following leadership roles along with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) focused on client success.

Virtual Chief Information Officer
Leadership in this position requires the Officer to have a 360 degree understanding of all data workflows and workloads.  From communication channels with customers, to data exchanges with partners and ensuring internal operations are streamlined for security and performance.  The vCIO leads or augments the the current CIO as required for growth and scaling strategies.
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
A top priority is to address the cyber risk to the organization while maintaining operational functionality for the key lines of business.  Whether you're addressing how customers engage on the front end of your business or how internal operations are secured, the vCISO has the responsibility to collaborate closely with both CIO and vCIO's to ensure that the cyber risk is mitigated.
Virtual Chief Technology Officer
The rapid pace of technological advancement requires organizations to have a team that is able to quickly identify technology market disruptors and differentiators.  Competitive advantages are realized as new tools and capabilities are positioned from concept to prototype to production.  Due to the numerous emerging technologies, CTO's leverage vCTO's to engage in disciplines that augments their existing research portfolio.  
Virtual Chief Revenue Officer
Organizations that require rapid scale and growth will require a vCRO who  implements a plan for predictable sales revenue.  This role leads in facilitating new revenue-generating opportunities by accelerating strategies for direct sales and channel enablement programs.  Leadership qualities that drives integration and alignment between cross-organization revenue-related functions is a communication trait essential for this role.
Virtual Chief Channel Officer
Collaboration, communication and integrity are traits exemplified by an effective vCCO.  They empower the channel partners with the product and services knowledge, establish an easy to use self-service portal and provide timely training and support updates.  At the core of every effective Channel Chief is their ability to develop, establish and maintain trust
Clients will repeat business with your organization when the implementation, training and support services are conducted in a professional manner with expectations clearly defined.  Partners will also want to engage if the relationship models are supported with the appropriate support and marketing collaboration.  A vCCSO fulfills a key role in creating the strategy and methodology that positions the organization, partners and customers for success.
Virtual Chief Customer Success Officer
Virtual CxO image 2.png
Virtual CxO
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