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Industry Expertise
Across Multiple Vertical Markets

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Extensive global leadership in leading projects for the past 25 plus years in shaping the digital transformation for new products and services in BFSI.  Facilitate the prototypes, pre-production and deployment for multi-national implementations of cloud enabled services, connecting retail bank branches and Insurance providers.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Global leadership in guiding healthcare organizations transform from legacy systems to modernizing their tools, processes and infrastructure.  Guidance for Life Science organizations that digitized their approach to modern treatments and therapies.  Integration of wearable technologies with modern application services.

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Consumer Retail, Transportation and Automotive

Advanced the automotive dealership transition to digital tools and connecting the largest dealerships over a cloud enabled infrastructure.  Integrations with supply chain partners developing immersive experiences using digital signage at retail branch locations.  Modernized the transportation hubs with digital media communication channels using IoT, Near-Field communication and virtual and augmented realities.

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Sports, Media and Entertainment

Projects include creative content transformation for stadium venues across the globe along with media entertainment venues.  Interconnected video infrastructures for developing visual, immersive experiences across Major League events including Super Bowls, Olympics and Soccer World Cups.  Developed Digital Media Creative strategies to advance the digital experience at concerts, symphonies & modern art expressions.

Gov and Ed.png

Government and Education

Federal, State and Local projects that included US Military Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines utilization of digital technologies, advanced Post-Quantum Cryptography and Web3.0 architectures.  IoT and Wearable data integrated onto a data normalization platform for analysis using current A.I. toolsets.  Advanced Ivy League Universities across the globe on digitizing instruction , infrastructure and teaching material.

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Oil, Gas, Energy, Utilities and Smart Cities

Transformed traditional mechanical systems to modernized multi-cloud, multi-domain infrastructures.  Guidance on interconnecting networks, applications, devices, sensors and mobile applications into a 360 view of operations, safety and overall sustainability of implemented environmental controls.  Smart Grid energy for supporting digital device and communication channels across all regions of a Smart City.

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Technology  & Telecommunications

Worldwide projects that include transforming business operations with the latest technology stacks.  Guidance and implementation for aggregating customer telecommunication data from 26 countries, adhering to compliance rules and normalizing the content within the SaaS CRM.  Subject Matter Experts on merging workflows and processing data workloads that cross-connect teams from all lines of business.

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