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IT Executive Consulting Services

Every organization benefits from having Executive Professionals assisting them with their strategies, objectives and outcomes.  

At DUSA, we have experience and knowledge on several CxO roles as defined in our virtual services offering.  

Sign-up for a free 30-minute online consultation and together we will determine which service is applicable for your business.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Leadership in this position requires the Officer to have a 360 degree understanding of all data workflows and workloads.  From communication channels with customers, to data exchanges with partners and ensuring internal operations are streamlined for security and performance.  The vCIO leads or augments the the current CIO as required for growth and scaling strategies.  

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

A top priority is to address the cyber risk to the organization while maintaining operational functionality for the key lines of business.  Whether you're addressing how customers engage on the front end of your business or how internal operations are secured, the vCISO has the responsibility to collaborate closely with both CIO and vCIO's to ensure that the cyber risk is mitigated.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

The rapid pace of technological advancement requires organizations to have a team that is able to quickly identify technology market disruptors and differentiators.  Competitive advantages are realized as new tools and capabilities are positioned from concept to prototype to production.  Due to the numerous emerging technologies, CTO's leverage vCTO's to engage in disciplines that augments their existing research portfolio.  

Virtual Chief Revenue Officer

Organizations that require rapid scale and growth will require a vCRO who  implements a plan for predictable sales revenue.  This role leads in facilitating new revenue-generating opportunities by accelerating strategies for direct sales and channel enablement programs.  Leadership qualities that drives integration and alignment between cross-organization revenue-related functions is a communication trait essential for this role.

Virtual Chief Channel Officer

Collaboration, communication and integrity are traits exemplified by an effective vCCO.  They empower the channel partners with the product and services knowledge, establish an easy to use self-service portal and provide timely training and support updates.  At the core of every effective Channel Chief is their ability to develop, establish and maintain trust.  

Virtual Chief Customer Success Officer

Clients will repeat business with your organization when the implementation, training and support services are conducted in a professional manner with expectations clearly defined.  Partners will also want to engage if the relationship models are supported with the appropriate support and marketing collaboration.  A vCCSO fulfills a key role in creating the strategy and methodology that positions the organization, partners and customers for success.


To reach the peak of any endeavor requires a team  

Let Dosanjh USA be part of your virtual team that helps your business reach the pinnacle 

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