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Digital Transformation Products

Customers depend upon your organization to assess their requirements, safeguard their data and enable them with value-added services by utilizing the following tools and products. 

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A.I. Enabled Products that provide data insights, security and value

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Data Platform

Unify identities, unify data and unify experiences utilizing our data integration and normalization platform.  Data challenges range from stale data to duplicated data causing errors, delays in communication and unrealized business due to false-positive reporting.  Modern data platforms require accountability for function, security and performance while addressing data in transit, data in motion, data at rest and data in use.  In order to analyze the data, obtain useful informational insights and generate content, a micro-segmented data platform is required.

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Smart Assessor Tool:  Mobile & Web Portal Applications

Modern applications, whether cloud-native or lifted-and-shifted or lifted-and-shaped from on-premises environments require segmented workflows and workload processing.  The application functionality, security and performance is based upon micro-segmentation at the network, application, device and data layers.  This requires a unification of services that are enabled with smarter tools and up-front assessments.  Defining application requirements with AI-enabled tools is part of the initial steps in developing modern client services.

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Training Courses:  Leadership & Next-Generation Technologies

Master your career with the latest emerging technologies, skills and technical certifications to accelerate your professional journey.  Whether you're committed to development, testing, architecting, administrating, training, selling, marketing or supporting, our courseware will you have prepared to contribute to the next growth phase of the Internet.  Add to it your industry vertical preference as part of the leadership curriculum i.e., financial services, healthcare, transportation, sustainable energy etc. and you'll be on your way to success.

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